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Guitar Tips

By Kevin Downing

Guitar Tip #9
If you are really serious about your guitar skills then you need to read Kevin’s book The Secrets of Successful Practising for Guitarists

Guitar Tip #8
Every time you pick up the guitar to play or before you begin any practice session you should always tune up.

Guitar Tip #7
You are much better off to practice for smaller amounts of time and do a few sessions per day than do one large practice session. For example if you are going to practice for one hour, do 4 x 15 minute sessions rather than one hour straight through. Also have a look at this article now. Get Better Practising Results

Guitar Tip #6
When ascending (going up) along any string, keep the fretting fingers down on the strings as it makes it easier to know where you are. In other words you won’t have to keep looking at your fingers when you play.

My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am. – Joan Jett

Guitar Tip #5
Many guitar players make the same mistakes over and over again. Don’t you be one of them. Have a look at this article, Avoidable Mistakes, now.

Guitar Tip #4
If you mainly play or perform guitar standing, then it is better to practice standing. likewise if you sit down to play – sit down to practice.

Guitar Tip #3
Question – From a reader
Personally, I believe that I have very bad “ears” and I am very terrible at hearing anything in terms of music. I have seen some advanced guitar players who can listen to a song a few times then played it out again perfectly. This I would really love to do but I can hardly identify the key of a song or even any notes the song has. I would like to ask whether someone is born to have good listening skills or can someone like me, who has terrible listening abilities, be trained to have better or excellent listening skills.

Kevin’s reply – You are trained to have good ears. It takes practice just like guitar playing, and there are many excellent methods about. If you are having lessons your teacher should be helping you with ear training.

Also see this publication for a more in depth discussion of this topic.

Guitar Tip #2
If you have trouble keeping your guitar in the position you want it to be when sitting down to practice, then play with the shoulder strap on. It should stay in the one position better if you play with the strap on.

Guitar Tip #1
If you practise sitting down try not to let your fretting arm rest on your leg. This is a bad habit that inhibits the normal movement of your arm while playing, as well as proper finger technique.