The Guitarist vs the Musician

By Kevin Downing

For many students having guitar lessons, the transition from guitarist to musician is one many guitar teachers don’t talk about. A guitarist is one who plays the guitar physically, hasn’t got much in the way of what I call head stuff (theory, aural, composition, and reading skills, as well as many others) and is generally either in a musical rut or not far away from one because they are self-taught. A musician is one who is generally well trained in guitar technique, they have all the head stuff well rehearsed, and they express themselves through the guitar. See the difference? Which one are you, a guitarist, or musician? Click here to download the article The Guitarist vs the Musician

Interview with Larry Koonse

By Kevin Downing

Larry is one of my favourite jazz guitarists and is soon touring New Zealand. During that time he will play two gigs with my 101 Lab Band. Read the interview Larry Koonse here.

Interview with Danny Carron

By Kevin Downing

Danny is one of my favourite blues guitar players. He plays with great feel and has a sound of his own. You can read the interview with Danny Carron here.

101 Lab Band in Concert

By Kevin Downing

Here are some videos of my learner student band in concert. Would you like to be part of it? To find out if you are up to the standard required, call me now (06) 357 0057. Some people in this band have achieved the standard required in 2-3 years starting from scratch and is a great goal to strive for. If you are not quite up to this level, the jam session groups are open to anyone and are a great entry point for the new player.

Here the Lab Band performs D.C. Blues with guest soloist Nick Granville. The other soloists are Jacob Pritchard, Jason Just, and Matt Cave. This video was taken at the Expressions Centre on May 30th, as part of the Upper Hutt Jazz & Blues Festival 2013. Composer – Chris Buzzelli

Performed by the 101 Lab Band at the Upper Hutt Jazz & Blues Festival, June 2nd 2011. Composer – Mike Ihde

Performed at the Palmerston North Jazz & Blues Festival, June 2nd 2011, with special guest singer/harpist, Bullfrog Rata.