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The Forgotten Art of Listening

By Kevin Downing

Practicing the art of actively listening to music is something many guitar players miss. In fact almost all musicians miss this point. This skill is necessary if you want to be a good musician no matter what level you aspire to play at. Click the link to read The Forgotten Art of Listening and change your practice habits today.

New Years Resolutions

By Kevin Downing

Most people make New Year’s resolutions of some sort, but never seem to achieve what they set out to do. I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I am a big fan of setting out what you want to do and sticking with it all year round no matter what the date is. Click the link to see the article on New Year’s Resolutions.

Practicing For Playing Live

By Kevin Downing

Playing live is definitely a different skill to learn than practicing in your practice room. There are many different things going on when playing live which take a bit of getting used to, and you can practice these areas to get used it before you go to the next gig, jam, or studio session. Click here to start Practicing For Playing Live.

Carl Verheyen Interview

By Tracey Shailer-Lewis

In June 2018 I was in Los Angeles and caught up with the amazing guitarist Carl Verheyen (pronounced Ver-high-in) at Village Recorders where he was working on and producing an album for Chilean singer and guitarist Felipe Tarantino.  Carl, has been the number one session guitarist in Los Angeles for a long time, is also a member of the band Supertramp, and runs his own band, the Carl Verheyen Band, which he is spending more time with now.

To see the full interview click on this link:Carl Verheyen Interview

Coping with Pressure & Stress

By Kevin Downing

Have you ever wondered why you can’t perform under certain types of pressure? Then you get all stressed over it? There are many different levels of pressure and stress you will encounter over your music career. Proper preparation is the key that helps with confidence, and certainly lowers the pressure and stress levels. To see more on Coping with Pressure & Stress.

Technique – Have You Got It?

By Kevin Downing

Does it mean you have to play fast and flashy to have technique? No way. That is what it means to many guitar players, but it means much more really. Much more than many players realise. To find out click the Technique – Have You Got It? article to find out.

Escaping Mediocrity

By Kevin Downing

I get many students come into my studio who saying they want to be great players, but have no idea how to be great, or how to even get there. If you are one of them, then you need to read this article Escaping Mediocrity.

Are You A Multi Skilled Guitarist?

By Kevin Downing

Many guitarists think that physically playing the instrument is all that really matters, but that view is seriously wrong. Physically playing the guitar is only around twenty per cent of what you really need to know.  The other eighty per cent is what I call the “head stuff”, which is the most important to know.
Click here to read the full article Are You A Multi Skilled Guitarist?

Is Your Guitar Playing In A Rut?

By Kevin Downing

Many people have asked me how do you get out of a “rut” situation? If are not sure what a “rut” is, it is when you think you are not making any progress and are completely stalled in your efforts of getting better. You might even practice and play every day and still not get anywhere. Sometimes you might even hate everything you do on guitar, it really can get that bad. Does that sound like you?

If it does sound like you suffer from being in a rut, then read the Are You In A Rut article here, and cure yourself forever of this deadly disease.

Playing Guitar & Singing

By Kevin Downing

Many guitarists will at some time want to play guitar and sing at the same time, and if you are like many others you will have a lot of difficulty with it. Although it seems really easy when you see one of your favourite artists performing, it is not all that easy to begin with. Click here to see the
Playing Guitar & Singing article, and make playing guitar and singing much easier for yourself immediately.

13 Tips to Get Better Practising Results

By Kevin Downing

Many guitar students I teach say that they have a lot of trouble making practising fun while getting good results at the same time. If practising is not fun or you are not seeing positive results, then you need to rethink and find where you are going wrong. So click here for 13 Tips to Get Better Practising Results

Effect Pedal Chains

By Kevin Downing

A question that pops up a lot relates to effect pedals (also called stomp boxes) and what order you should have them in. Many top players seem to have a differing opinion on what order they need to go in to get a great sound, but there is an order that seems to work for most players. Download the Effect Pedal Chains article here to find out the order and learn a few more tips.

Common Guitar Learning Myths

By Kevin Downing

There are many myths around learning guitar. This article exposes some of the myths that are commonly heard, followed by what really happens in practice. In most cases what really happens in practice is the exact opposite of what you hear. Click the link to read the full Common Guitar Learning Myths article.

11 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy A New Guitar

By Kevin Downing

A lot of people don’t know how to go about buying a new guitar, or even their second or third guitars. This FREE report will clear up a lot of confusions you may have, steer you in the right direction, and save you a lot of frustration and money. Click the link to see 11 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy A New Guitar.

Effect Pedals and Racks?

By Kevin Downing

Many guitar lesson students ask me questions about what type of pedals, multi-effect, or rack mount effects units to buy. First of all we should look at what the professionals use and then you can make up your mind, as this will give you a good place to begin. I will assume that you want to use them for jamming or live performing. If you want to use them for recording it will be slightly different. Click the link to see the rest of the article Effect Pedals and Racks


By Kevin Downing

Are you having blues guitar lessons? Rock guitar lessons? Metal guitar lessons? Jazz guitar lessons? No matter what you are studying every serious guitarist needs to have a very good sense of musical time. The better the quality of musician you play with,the better their sense of time will be, so you need to be ready for them. You are not born with a good sense of musical time,but can develop it with a little practice each day. Download the Metronome here and improve your sense of musical time.

Avoidable Mistakes Most Guitarists Make

By Kevin Downing

No matter if you are learning rock, blues, jazz guitar (or any other style) there are many mistakes that keep appearing in guitarists’ previous educational background evident when they begin lessons with me. I thought I would share some of those mistakes with you so you can quickly get on the right track. The mistakes that follow here are only a few, there are many, many more. Make sure you download this Avoidable Mistakes Most Guitarists Make article so you don’t make the same mistakes many others are making.

The Tool Bag

By Kevin Downing

There are many things a guitarist needs to prepare for before playing a gig, open mic night or rehearsal. However, many guitarists are not organised enough when it comes to preparing for breakdowns with their guitars or equipment while playing live. They need a tool bag. Have you got one? Read the full Tool Bag article here. Then get your tool bag organised.

The Musician’s Guide to Copyright Law

By Kevin Downing

I frequently get asked questions on guitar lessons with students like, “What is copyright?” “Can I write the lyrics out to my favourite songs?” and “Can I record someone else’s song and sell it?” “Why can’t I just photocopy music?” or “Why can’t I just copy a CD for my friend?” To delve into the answers download the article by clicking the Musicians guide to Copyright Law link.

The Guitarist vs the Musician

By Kevin Downing

For many students having guitar lessons, the transition from guitarist to musician is one many guitar teachers don’t talk about. A guitarist is one who plays the guitar physically, hasn’t got much in the way of what I call head stuff (theory, aural, composition, and reading skills, as well as many others) and is generally either in a musical rut or not far away from one because they are self-taught. A musician is one who is generally well trained in guitar technique, they have all the head stuff well rehearsed, and they express themselves through the guitar. See the difference? Which one are you, a guitarist, or musician? Click here to download the article The Guitarist vs the Musician

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