Here at the Guitar School we have had the pleasure of hosting many of the world's best musicians so our students get the very best pro-level education and training in our exclusive seminars, workshops, and masterclasses.

Please note - you do NOT have to be a pro level player to attend these.  Students who have only been playing a few months can still get massive results from these. Attendees are always amazed with these pro's knowledge and skill, but how they also still have an approachable and down to earth attitude. Ask us when our next masterclass will be.

Carl Verheyen (Supertramp, #1 studio guitarist in Los Angeles, and leader of the Carl Verheyen Band) held an online in-depth music theory masterclass just for a few of our guitar school students earlier in 2024. He regularly holds private online sessions for us. In the past we've had online lessons from him talking about session work, intermediate & advanced rhythm and soloing guitar styles.  He also talks about his gear, how he thinks about things, puts things together to sound professional, and how to get to the top in the industry.

David Becker, who is one of the world's top jazz guitarists, performed at the Globe on the 21st of March, 2024. And at other venues around the country. This was the part of his launch of his newest studio album Planets. He also had some private workshops exclusively just for our guitar school students while he was here.

Robben Ford, world leading blues guitarist, talking all things blues & jazz.  Robben's credentials are second to none.

Chris Cain, another world leading blues guitarist, who amazes everyone with his knowledge and display of blues and jazz technique.

Charlotte Yates, one of New Zealand's top songwriters who has 8 solo albums to her name.  Charlotte is our resident, and very popular songwriting masterclass teacher.

Bruce Forman, is one of the world's top jazz and country guitar players.  His masterclasses are always fun and exciting to be in.  He discusses all things country and jazz, as well as many other important topics concerning high level playing.

Larry Koonse, is another top jazz guitar player from Los Angeles.  Larry has worked with many of the world's top singers like Cleo Laine, Rod Stewart, and Natalie Cole.  Larry is one of the most sought after chord melody experts in the world.

Mike Stern, is a Boston based fusion guitar player who is at the top of his game and teacher at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  He is admired by everyone in the business, and you will admire him too with his way of putting difficult things in a way that anyone can understand.

Tom Warrington, is one of the world's top bass players and in demand session man.  Tom's talks about timing and rhythm get everyone excited about something that is rarely discussed and practised within many music schools around the world.

Matt Schofield, the blues wizard from the UK, who blends traditional blues with rock, jazz, and blues elements.

Josh Smith, is another world class blues player, and like Matt, likes to fuse many different styles into his playing.  Students love Josh's masterclasses.

David Becker, is another LA based jazz and contemporary guitarist.  David is a two time Grammy nominated producer and writer, and has written a few tunes exclusively for our school's Lab Band.

Ross McDermott, is one of New Zealand's top sound men and recording engineers who runs his own recording studio – Audio Suite, in Paraparaumu.  His studio has had many songs in New Zealand's Top 40 singles and album charts over the years.  Students love recording there and learning his techniques.

The great thing about these master classes is you don't need to be an advanced player to get something out of them. We have students attending at all different playing abilities and levels. Our teachers can unpack the training at your lesson later and break it down into basic elements that even learner level students can benefit from.

If you would like to participate in any of our future masterclasses give us a call now on (06) 357 0057.  Or if you prefer – fill in the form on the contact page.

Some of the things covered so far include:

  • Songwriting techniques of the pros – we have exclusive master classes just for this.  And you can take the option of going further and recording your new song(s) at a professional recording studio with professional musicians.
  • Best practise warm up techniques and tips from the pros.  Warm ups for the stage, studio, and personal practise.  Yes they can be different.
  • Getting a good sound from your instrument and other gear.  Something very misunderstood for many players at all levels.
  • Developing your own unique playing style that will stand out.
  • Advanced rhythm guitar and soloing techniques of the pros.  This stuff you will NOT find anywhere on the internet.

And many more pro level tips that can be easily understood by any player at any level right now.

Please Note - You MUST be a student at one of our affiliated schools nationwide to participate in any of our seminars, workshops, or masterclasses.

If you want to participate and quickly become the best player you can possibly be, give us a call now on (06) 357 0057.  Or if you prefer – fill in the form here