Two Note Rhythm

By Kevin Downing

Understanding rhythm guitar parts is not easy for most players. Here is a great blues rhythm guitar lesson for you to download called Two Note Rhythm. Listen to jazz artists like Kenny Burrell and Joe Pass, through to rock and blues artists like Gary Moore and Johnny A to hear this style in action.

Click the link to hear the mp3 for this lesson click Two Note Rhythm.


By Kevin Downing

Strumming the guitar is something that many beginning players find difficult to do. Whether you play blues, rock, jazz, country, or acoustic guitar styles you need to be good at it. Download this guitar lesson on Strumming to improve your guitar playing now.

Here is the mp3 file for the Strumming lesson here.

12 Bar Blues Progression

By Kevin Downing

Here is a great lesson – every guitarist should know how to play the blues, no matter if you are getting rock, blues, jazz, or acoustic guitar lessons. It is used in all types of jam sessions from learners through to advanced guitarists. Download the 12 Bar Blues Progression Lesson here. You will have serious fun with this one.

Introduction to Chord Melody

By Kevin Downing

Playing chord-melody style on guitar is not easy, but a lot of fun. Great players in this style include Joe Pass, Johnny A, and Tuck Andress. Click the link to download the guitar lesson Introduction to Chord Melody and get started straight away.

To hear the mp3 file for this lesson click Introduction to Chord Melody