Blues Rock Soloing

By Kevin Downing

An important part of being a guitar player is to have some great solo ideas that you can pull out at any time you need to. lt is a common occurrence that unexpectedly someone in the band will turn to you and say, “Guitar solo”. What will you do if that happens? See here to find out Blues Rock Soloing.

See the video of this lesson Blues Rock Soloing

Classical Fun – Minuet

By Kevin Downing

Many guitarists never get to venture outside of rock music, but there are plenty of great songs within other genres of music that lay undiscovered. One favourite of my students is classical music. Yes,
you can play classical music on your electric or acoustic guitar and it will sound fine….to find out more you can download the lesson Classical Fun here.

To check out the midi track for this lesson click Classical Fun

Get to Know Your Bar Chords Better

By Kevin Downing

Many players know how to play a few bar chords, but do not know the mainly used forms or their associated names. Although they are not advanced chords by any measure, you still need to know them well as they lead onto more advanced concepts later on. This lesson assumes you know how to play a few bar chords, but are not sure of the main ones you need to know, or how to remember their names. Click here to download the lesson Get to Know Your Bar Chords Better.
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with me now. Not only can you learn all about this subject, but you will seriously improve your playing ability quickly as well.

Blues Rock Introductions

By Kevin Downing

This lesson has come about because on a gig a while ago I was asked by many musician observers “how could I navigate my way through a gig with bluesman Bullfrog Rata and make it sound like we had rehearsed it?” Even though we hadn’t rehearsed or played together for years. Since then I have been asked that question a lot, so I thought it would make a great lesson for you. You can download the lesson here Blues Rock Introductions

Blues Scale Primer

By Kevin Downing

The minor pentatonic scale is a favourite scale for rock guitarists to get ideas for soloing, with the Blues scale being a close second. Many beginning players tend to overplay the minor pentatonic sound so that it can get boring after a while without realising that they can extract some great ideas from the blues scale with minimal extra effort……Click on the link to download the rest of the lesson Blues Scale Primer

You can see the Quicktime video of the lesson here Blues Scale Primer or Windows Media Video file here Blues Scale Primer Have fun.

Bubble Parts

By Kevin Downing

Many guitar players seem to be unaware of bubble parts within songs they listen to. A bubble part is normally a simple single note line that is palm-muted, but can also be very complex and involve numerous single notes with added double or triple stops. You download the Bubble Parts lesson here.

You can hear the Bubble Parts lesson here.

The Harmony Shuffle

By Kevin Downing

The shuffle pattern for playing back up blues and rock guitar is an essential one to know because it is used in many genres and you will be required to play it on many gigs or jam sessions. Download the Harmony Shuffle lesson here.

Click here to hear what the Harmony Shuffle sounds like.

Here is New Zealand blues legend Bullfrog Rata and me playing the title track featured in the documentary movie “Healthy Bastards”, which uses the Harmony Shuffle.

Slash Chords

By Kevin Downing

Slash chords are not named after the legendary Guns n’ Roses’ guitarist – although he does play these types of chords, but are used by every professional in the business. They are chords that you see in music that look like F/A, or G/B. You can find out more about Slash Chords here.

The Minor Blues Progression

By Kevin Downing

Every good guitarist needs to have a good working knowledge of the 12 bar blues song form, but not many beginning/intermediate guitar students I come in contact with are well versed with it, and even fewer know the minor versions.  This is a great blues guitar lesson. To get started on the minor blues progression click here.

Major Scales

By Kevin Downing

The major scale is like the DNA of music because everything we do in music relates back to the major scale in some way or another. Knowing the theory and application of it is very important, so how well do you know your major scales? Many students who get guitar lessons with me don’t know them very well. Click here to check out the Major Scales lesson.

Music Terminology

By Kevin Downing

Do you know what the terms a cappella, accelerando or accel, adagio, ad libitum or ad lib mean? If you don’t then check out my list of common musical terms you need to know if you are going to play with your friends.  No matter if you want to play blues, rock, jazz, or any other style of guitar you will need to know these terms. You can download the Music terminology sheet here.

Rhythm Guitar Riffs

By Kevin Downing

There is no doubt that many current rock, blues, jazz, or acoustic guitarists’ just love playing some good quality guitar riffs. A “riff” (sometimes called an ostinato) is the term for a short repeating melodic line. Rhythm guitar lessons are among the most important ones you can do. See here to download the Rhythm Guitar Riffs lesson. The music is coming soon.

Right Hand Accuracy

By Kevin Downing

A common problem with many rock, blues, jazz, or acoustic guitarists is that their right hand accuracy is not very exact. To improve your Right Hand Guitar Accuracy click the link.

To hear the midi file for this lesson click Right Hand Guitar Accuracy here.

Soloing with the Major Pentatonic Scale

By Kevin Downing

Many guitar players use the minor pentatonic scale for solos by default, not realising that a whole new world of possibilities lie within the major pentatonic scale. All the big name rock guitar players from Slash and Mark Knopfler through to the jazz and country guitar players like George Benson and Albert Lee use it. Download here to find out more about Soloing with the Major Pentatonic Scale.

Introduction to Fingerstyle

By Kevin Downing

All great guitar players can play fingerstyle and you can to. If you like players like Tommy Emmanuel, Adrian Legg, Leo Kottke, Muriel Anderson, Joe Pass, etc then download this Introduction to Fingerstyle lesson here.

You can hear the midi file for the lesson Introduction to Fingerstyle here.

Spiced Up Blues

By Kevin Downing

Here is a great blues guitar lesson using 9th chords over a 12 bar blues progression in the style of B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. Download here to enjoy this Spiced Up Blues lesson.

You can hear the mp3 file for Spiced Up Blues here.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Style

By Kevin Downing

For my blues guitar lesson students, Stevie Ray Vaughan is a very influential guitarist. He certainly made a big impact on the world of guitar when he surfaced. You can learn more about his style Stevie Ray Vaughan Style here.

You can hear the midi file of the lesson Stevie Ray Vaughan Style here.

The Jimi Hendrix Chord

By Kevin Downing

Jimi Hendrix is a very influential guitarist, even years after his passing. One unique thing about his playing is he used to use one chord a lot. Download this guitar lesson to find out more about that so called The Jimi Hendrix Chord.

The Reggae Groove

By Kevin Downing

The reggae groove is very hip and a favourite for my guitar lesson students. It has been used by reggae artists like Bob Marley through to rock artists like UB40 and Australian Crawl. Download here to have fun with this guitar lesson The Reggae Groove.

You can hear the mp3 file for The Reggae Groove here.

Two Note Rhythm

By Kevin Downing

Understanding rhythm guitar parts is not easy for most players. Here is a great blues rhythm guitar lesson for you to download called Two Note Rhythm. Listen to jazz artists like Kenny Burrell and Joe Pass, through to rock and blues artists like Gary Moore and Johnny A to hear this style in action.

Click the link to hear the mp3 for this lesson click Two Note Rhythm.